We've Got You Covered!

Daryl’s Automotive is a full-service repair center. That means we can do just about anything your car needs – and do it right!

A Simple Philosophy

Our philosophy is as straightforward as our repair work.  We don’t use gimmicks or cheap specials to lure customers.  We believe in long-term relationships with our clients built on good, honest work completed for a fair price in a timely manner.

Your Personal Automotive Technician

Many people have a family doctor, dentist or CPA – we want to be your family automotive mechanic. Through a trusting partnership and scheduled preventative maintenance, we can help design a program to keep your vehicle in optimum condition to help ensure you get the greatest value possible. Helping customers keep their vehicles for as long as possible (so they can avoid those high-dollar car notes) is what we do!

Our Process

The first step in curing any ailment your vehicle has is todo a thorough inspection.  We listen to your concern, we ask questions to help point us in the right direction, and we test the appropriate systems to determine the cause for any complaints.  We prefer to spend the time needed to diagnose your vehicle properly rather than guessing as some do, which could lead to unnecessary costs.  This is especially true when dealing with that pesky Check Engine Light.  Once we are sure what steps are needed to repair your vehicle, we contact you with our recommendations.  We also do a safety inspection to make sure that there are no other issues you need to be aware of before deciding how to proceed.  We understand your vehicle is an investment, and we want to help you make the best choices in regards to spending money on repairs.  We call this“making an informed decision.”  It’s our promise to you.